Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 8 assignment: Portraits and Three Considerations

1) Please make/get a one-minute video AND a still photo of ten different individuals: simple head-shots looking straight at the camera. You can do the shooting or ask people to send a video to you. Use any camera you want, but please translate into a format that will play on a Macintosh computer. Bring these to class Thursday. This content will allow us to explore, together, what happens with changes in scale, juxtaposition, placement, etc.
2) Concentrating on the three considerations: 1) the unique characteristics of the media gallery itself (size, five entrances/exits; a crossroads of the museum; its context as part of RISD); 2) The audience (primarily RISD community (?); number of people who go through); 3) Five month duration (What changes? How to change it? When to change it? Why to change it?)
Based on the above, create detailed sketches AND written descriptions of how you would use 100 (or MORE) portraits to create a gallery installation. (Sound, sculpture, video, still photography, text, etc. are all possible elements.) Be specific about materials, placement, traffic, construction. Come to class Thursday with your sketches, tools, computers, phones (and chargers!) and materials to work with. We will continue collaborating.

Day 8: View, Shoot, View

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 7 Assignment: One minute working

Go to one of your Personal Bubble in Public spaces (e.g. café, library) and shoot a 1-minute video of yourself working.

Day 7: Collaborations: viewing models

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 6 assignment: Collaborations via "Yes, and..."

Each group takes the results of another group and recreates it by building on the other group’s ideas. So, the group that created “Vibration” now takes on “Text.” The group that created “Text” now takes on “Presentation.” The group that created “Presentation” now takes on “Vibration”. 

Day 6: Collaborations: Spectrum of Opposites

Divide into three groups. Create two spaces in the New Media gallery that have the exact same elements, but create one tiny difference between the two spaces. That difference changes the space from being contemplative to being distracting/disruptive.
For example: a background of pleasant music can be contemplative, but if there is an occasional hiccup, the music is distracting.  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 5: Givens

Moving on to more realistic prototypes, we need to consider the “givens” for the installation. 
Here’s a starting list:

1) New Media Gallery space:
• size
• unique characteristics (e.g. five entrance/exits; stairs, location in the museum…)
• Traffic in it and through it (e.g. who is audience; usually not a lot of people…)
• electrical placements
• context of museum/Providence
• expectations of that space (media; temporary)
• acoustics
• handicap access
• non-moving wall
• height
2) Duration: five months (May 25 to November 4); so it needs some element of change.
3) Needs to WORK technically
4) Subject: Personal Bubble, concentrating on contemplative vs. non-contemplative aspect
5) Needs to be beautiful, well-crafted, compelling
6) Not offensive or illegal
7) to be continued…